ATV Hunting Tips

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Tips on Hunting with Your ATV

One of the many benefits of owning an ATV is how extremely versatile these machines can be. Whether you plan to keep it simple and enjoy some thrills while riding the trails or go a little deeper and use it for conquering difficult tasks on the job site, your ATV will prove to be very useful in several situations. As a matter of fact, your ATV can even come in handy on a hunting trip. You can reach your destination in record time while easily hauling all your tools, equipment, and game thanks to generous cargo space.

Here at McAlary ATV & Cycle, we want our customers to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest. We’ve gathered some essential information on hunting with your ATV. For more information or to check out our inventory, stop by our dealership in Elk City, OK today!

Choosing the Right ATV

Your very first priority should be confirming that your ATV is prepared for hunting. You’ll want to think about where you plan to hunt. If you’re specifically investing in an ATV for hunting purposes, be sure to choose a model that can tackle all types of terrain. These vehicles come with massive power so that you can zip up and down slopes and through challenging terrain with ease. You’ll also want an ATV that comes with sufficient towing capabilities and can handle any extra passengers or cargo weight you might bring along.

Gearing Up

Next, you’ll need to consider your gear and as the saying goes, safety first! Be sure to have a helmet that fits properly and doesn’t obstruct your sight. You’ll also want to dress with safety in mind, which means long sleeves and pants, boots, and gloves. You can go as far as investing in camouflage gear, which will keep you nice and warm, protect you from debris, and even improve your hunting game. Keep in mind you should always wear a bright-colored safety vest so that you’re visible to other hunters in the area.

Being Ethical & Respectful

When you’re using a large machine such as an ATV, you’ll have an advantage over animals but you should never use it for anything other than riding. This means you should not use your ATV to spot or chase wildlife that you encounter when hunting. It’s actually illegal in many areas to even fire your weapon from an ATV. Remember to obey the “fair chase” principle, which states that hunters shouldn’t take unfair advantages over prey.

On the subject of respect, it’s also important to be aware of boundaries. If another hunter arrives at a spot before you, find your own area that’s separate theirs. Hunting with an ATV can cause others to perceive you as inconsiderate if you’re not respectful of your surroundings. Always take note of other hunters in the area as you ride your ATV and keep noise to a minimum.

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